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A Perfect Day 2015 Watch Online
A Perfect Day 2015 Watch Online
Benicio Del Toro, Mélanie Thierry, Olga Kurylenko, Tim Robbins
Comedy, Drama
Reposado Producciones





Film about a group of aid workers trying to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone in the Balkans.

It's just another day on the job for a band of badass war zone rescue workers as they defy death and confront war's absurdities. The setting is 1995, "somewhere in the Balkans." Over the course of 24 breathless hours, Mambru (Benicio del Toro), leads his team of humanitarians-including hard-bitten, wisecracking veteran B (Tim Robbins) and new recruit Sophie (Melanie Thierry)-as they deal with a most unexpected crisis, layers of bureaucratic red tape, and the reappearance of Mambru's old flame (Olga Kurylenko). Through it all, the group handles the less-than-glamorous realities of life in a combat zone the only way they know how: with selfless bravery and a healthy dose of irreverent humor.

Picture a couple of band of support personnel wanting to resolve an emergency in an armed struggle zoom within the Balkans.



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