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About a Boy 2002 Watch Online
About a Boy 2002 Watch Online
HughGrant, NicholasHoult, ToniCollette
Comedy, Drama, Romance





Will Freeman is a hip Londoner who one day realizes that his friends are all involved with the responsibilities of married life and that leaves him alone in the cold. Passing himself off as a single father, he starts to meet a string of single mums, confident in his ability to leave them behind when they start to ask for a commitment. But Will's hope of a continued bachelorhood is interrupted when he meets 12-year old Marcus, in many ways his complete opposite.


May Freeman is really a Londoner who oneday knows that leaves him alone and that his buddies are all a part of the duties of wedded life. Moving off himself as a single-father, he begins to meet up a string of moms that are single, comfortable in his capability to abandon them behind once they begin to request dedication. But Willis desire of a continuing bachelorhood is interrupted when he satisfies 12-year-old Marcus, in lots of ways his opposite that was complete.

Possibly individuals who do not typically like Grant will undoubtedly be charmed by him within the somewhat scandalous humor in Regards to A Kid.



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