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Bait 2012 Watch Online
Bait 2012 Watch Online
JulianMcMahon, PhoebeTonkin, SharniVinson
Action, Horror, Thriller
MediaDevelopmentAuthority(MDA), PicturesinParadise, ScreenAustralia





A freak tsunami traps shoppers at a coastal Australian supermarket inside the building ... along with a 12-foot great white shark.


Consumers are trapped by a tsunami in a coastal Foreign store inside the building… And also a 12-foot shark that is white that is great.

Sharkunami Removed Barmy! When a tsunami barriers customers in a very coastal Australian supermarket, their success prospects are reduced even more when Great White Sharks locate their method in to the spot.

As it looks, it truly is as crazy, a bonkers but wonderfully genius premise is played out with bmovie heart and a giggle on its face. Common guidelines implement, there’s a myriad of heroes who’re in need of reconciliations or payoff, not to mention it’s really a moment for heroes to push themselves forward. Motion is never far ! There is also some humor can be found, specially having a bickering number of adolescent lovers.

A few of the CGI is bad and there is silly moments that ask you to merely move with-it as could be the convention with this particular type of movie. There is a good-time available here if you can accomplish that subsequently. 6/10



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