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Blitz 2011 Watch Online
Blitz 2011 Watch Online
AidanGillen, JasonStatham, PaddyConsidine
Action, Crime, Thriller
CurrentEntertainment, Davis-Films, LionsGate





A tough, renegade cop is dispatched to take down a serial killer who has been targeting police officers.


There is a hardcore cop sent to take a serial killer that has been targeting cops down.

Bop. Jason Statham stars a tough copper with rage problems, as Brant. He loves to conquer down on bad guys, enjoys a glass or two or twelve and is a consistent supply of publicity problem for his exceptional. Each time a serial killer referred to as Blitz (Aidan Gillen) begins killing police, Brant takes it particular.

It’s what it is really, precisely what you would anticipate from a Statham flick, where the tagline suggests all, Cop Vs Policeman to it! There is with Brant joined up some room for cheeky devilment, with Paddy Considine’s gay Officer Nash and a lot of chases quips, brooding risk. Representative Lester and cinematographer Rob Hardy favour a scuzzy coloring scheme that befits the Manchester locations while Eshkeri’s noise tracking lbs away its feral defeats.

One subplot regarding Zawe Ashton’s therapy unveiled copper doesn’t assist a lot of an intention, and you also have to consider having a crunch of salt how Blitz goes about his company (he leaves fingerprints everywhere!) Nevertheless itis The Stath kicking butt which is more frequently than not good enough for a good time, such will be the case below. 6.5/10



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