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Canopy 2013 Watch Online
Canopy 2013 Watch Online
Edwina Wren, Khan Chittenden, Robert Menzies
Adventure, Drama, War
Finer Films, Jin Chuan Pictures



An unlikely friendship between 2 young men becomes everything, when an Australian soldier takes refuge under the canopied jungles of Singapore, during the violent Japanese invasion in World War II. Jim is lost, injured and defenseless in a hostile, tropical world, hunted by Japanese troops, Seng, a Singapore-Chinese resistance fighter emerges from the jungle and the two young men find themselves thrown together hoping to survive.


An improbable camaraderie between 2 men that are young becomes everything, when refuge is taken by an Australian knight underneath Singapore’s canopied jungles, during the chaotic Western attack in War II. John is shed, injured and defenseless in a, hawaiian planet, hunted by Western soldiers, Seng, a Singapore – the two young men are cast together wanting to endure and also Oriental resistance fighter emerges in the jungle.

A daring experiment in stripped-down writer-director, filmmaking Aaron Wilson’s World War crisis Canopy is finally upended by its minimalist conceit.


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