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Cerise 2015 Watch Online
Cerise 2015 Watch Online
Jonathan Zaccaï, Tania Vuchkova, Zoé Adjani
Gaumont, Légende Films



Cerise is fourteen years old but she looks twenty. Cerise grew up on the outskirts, but now she's exiled to Ukraine. Cerise wears excessive amounts of makeup, but she still has a little girl's dreams. Cerise doesn't know her father, even though she's going to have to live with him. Cerise has only ever thought about herself and now she finds herself in the middle of a revolution.


Cerise is fourteen years of age but she looks twenty. Cerise became up on the outskirts, however now she is exiled to Ukraine. Cerise wears exorbitant amounts of make-up, but she however includes a small girl's dreams. Cerise does not know her dad, although she's going to possess to live with him. Cerise has just ever thought about himself and now she finds himself in the midst of a revolution.


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