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Christmas with the Andersons 2016 Watch Online
Christmas with the Andersons 2016 Watch Online HD
Christy Carlson Romano, George Stults, Julie Brown, Savannah Judy
Comedy, Family
ION Television, MarVista Entertainment





Drowning in tinsel and lights every Christmas, Michael and Caroline Anderson throw the year’s biggest party at their house. But this year, with Michael jobless and Caroline’s store struggling, that tradition may end. The Andersons decide to host a very different kind of party and, in the process, rediscover what’s most important about the holiday.

Mike and Caroline Anderson have always gone all out with parties and gifts for Christmas with their 10-year-old twins Brendan and Julia

The purpose of the husband’s aunt or relative or whatever she is showing up is unclear; one assumes she is going to help them discover “the true meaning” of life, love, Christmas, etc., but she never really seems to provide any inspiration. She’s just there. Fun (probably the best character, being the most experienced actress), but pointless. There are many other, far better Christmas movies out there.



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