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Coherence 2013 Watch Online
Coherence 2013 Watch Online
EmilyBaldoni, HugoArmstrong, NicholasBrendon
ScienceFiction, Thriller
BellanovaFilms, UglyDucklingFilms





On the night a comet is passing near Earth, eight friends at a dinner party experience a troubling chain of reality bending events. When the power goes out, they discover that the only house on the street left with power also holds many secrets.


On the night of a substantial anomaly, eight buddies at a supper party expertise activities being bent by a string of reality. Element cerebral sci fi and component relationship dilemma, Coherence is really a closely concentrated, intimately shot picture that rapidly ratchets up with strain and thriller.

While absurdist details support elevate it from more standard thrillers, if not specifically unique, the larger concerns Coherence demands us to take into account about concurrent worlds are not uninteresting.



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