Damsels in Distress 2012 Watch Online

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Damsels in Distress 2012 Watch Online
Damsels in Distress 2012 Watch Online
Carrie MacLemore, Greta Gerwig, Megalyn Echikunwoke
Comedy, Romance
Westerly Films





A trio of beautiful girls set out to revolutionize life at a grungy American university: the dynamic leader Violet Wister, principled Rose and sexy Heather. They welcome transfer student Lily into their group which seeks to help severely depressed students with a program of good hygiene and musical dance numbers.


Worry is a humor about a group of gorgeous ladies as they attempt to revolutionize life at a grubby American university the energetic boss Violet Wister (Greta Gerwig), principled Flower (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and hot Heather (Carrie MacLemore). They welcome transport student Lily (Analeigh Tipton) within their group which tries to aid seriously frustrated students having a method of good care and musical dance figures. Girls become romantically entangled using a series of males including easy Charlie (Adam Brody), dreamboat Xavier (Hugo Becker) along with the upset frat pack of Joe (Ryan Metcalf) and Thor (Billy Magnussen) who jeopardize the girls friendship and sanity.

Just like a degree in gender studies, there is no benefit.



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