Don’t Say a Word 2001 Watch Online

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Don’t Say a Word 2001 Watch Online
Don’t Say a Word 2001 Watch Online
Brittany Murphy, Michael Douglas, Sean Bean
20th Century Fox, NPV Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures





When the daughter of a psychiatrist is kidnapped, he's horrified to discover that the abductors' demand is that he break through to a post traumatic stress disorder suffering young woman who knows a secret..


If the psychiatrist’s girl is kidnapped, he’s horrified to discover that the abductors’ demand is that he break-through to a post traumatic anxiety condition suffering small woman who knows a secret.

Douglas is a recipe best served cool. Contempt discomfort and fake bonhomie would be the sensations that produce his grasping that is clownish. Sadly, as uptown psychiatrist Nathan Conrad within this deafening Ny thriller, he is in warm method – the doting spouse and papa tossed into hardship each time a downtown associate requests aid using a annoyed and apparently catatonic youngster, Elizabeth (Murphy). What Nathan does not understand is the fact that gem robbers, accomplished from their butt a decade before need Elizabeth to open up – she is got an important number captured inside her scalp. So when the child of Nathan is kidnapped by these Determined Dans, he is pressured to start selecting the susceptible lady’s head. Meanwhile, stroppy cop Sandra Cassidy (Esposito) knows there is something bad here. Sandra could be the filmis merely possible reputation and she’s hardly in it. Much time is spent ditties -encountered Murphy, often exceptional, but below captured in a 24-hour vortex and compelled to shout Ophelia- together with the bread. Publicity that is too much is also got by Janssen as Nathan’s wife. As for Vegetable – the requisite English awful – he makes Jones look refined. And Douglas? Well, he’s the smug generous towards the last.



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