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Duets 2000 Watch Online
Duets 2000 Watch Online
Gwyneth Paltrow, Maria Bello, Scott Speedman
Comedy, Drama, Music
Beacon Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Seven Arts Pictures



Duets is a road-trip comedy which revolves around the little known world of karaoke and the whimsical characters who inhabit it. All roads lead to Omaha, site of a national karaoke competition where this motley group of singers and stars come together for a blow-out sing-off.


Duets is a road-trip humor which moves round the fancy figures who inhabit it along with the little known earth of karaoke. Omaha, website of a nationwide karaoke competition is led to by all paths where this motley band of performers and stars come together to get a blow-out play-down.

How bad is “Duets”? It’s chair-shiftingly, wincingly bad. It really is ideal the first graphic we notice is actually a club customer using a technical bull because, like ” Cowboy,” “Duets” creates toward a competition that is climactic that in actual life most of us wouldn’t value.

Six characters travel careless lessons into a national karaoke competition in Omaha, Neb., each intending to earn the ,000 reward money that is $5. Who will get? Oh, who.

With their credit, the filmmakers do not appear to care possibly – it truly is enough, they be seemingly expressing, to have up on stage and sing and be not blame. Maybe this way themselves have convinced they’ve designed a figure study. They’ve, but more inside the ” Love Vessel ” tradition compared to the John Cassavetes tradition.

All six characters within the picture are “types,” and, with one of the different “types, each hooks up as you go along,” producing the titular duets.

There’s Billy (Scott Speedman), niceguy cabdriver, that has just been labeled an underachiever by his old, crotchety thirdgrade instructor. This causes him to go home where – as occurs to all nice guys who go house early while in the movies – his spouse getting occupied with some gentleman that is other is found by him. Later, he is told by her she hopes he discovers the angel he is trying to find


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