Far from Men 2014 Watch Online

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Far from Men 2014 Watch Online
Far from Men 2014 Watch Online
Djemel Barek, Reda Kateb, Viggo Mortensen, Vincent Martin
Drama, War, Western





A French teacher in a small Algerian village during the Algerian War forms an unexpected bond with a dissident who is ordered to be turned in to the authorities.

Algeria, 1954. While the rebellion rumbles in the valley, two very different men thrown together by a world in turmoil are forced to flee together across the Atlas Mountains. In the midst of an icy winter, Daru, the reclusive teacher, has to escort Mohamed, a villager accused of murder. Pursued by horsemen seeking summary justice and vengeful settlers, the two men decide to confront the unknown. Together they fight to gain their freedom. (C) Tribeca

A German teacher in a small Algerian village through the Algerian Conflict types an urgent connect with a dissident who’s purchased to be made in to the authorities.



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