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Faraway 2014 Watch Online
Faraway 2014 Watch Online
DanaJamison, GenelykaCastin, NickMedina
Adventure, Fantasy





Audrey, a determined young American woman, arrives in the Philippines with a mysterious mission, little money, and no chance of success. But when she enlists the help of two friendly locals, Hazel and Rey, and an extremely unfriendly American expatriate, Nick, suddenly the possibility of success comes into view. All they have to do is cross 300 miles of roads, jungles, and ocean, ward off the attacks of a vicious local motorcycle gang, and keep themselves from killing each other. It's going to be a bumpy ride.


A young girl that is American, Audrey, occurs having a strange vision, tiny money, with no chance of accomplishment in the Philippines. Nevertheless when she enlists the aid of Hazel two helpful locals and Rey, Nick, and an exceptionally unfriendly American expatriate, suddenly success’ possibility makes watch. All-they want to do is reduce the chances of the episodes of the horrible local bike gang, cross 300 miles of streets, jungles, and ocean, and preserve themselves from killing eachother. It really is going to be a rough trip.




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