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Flight 1942 2016 Watch Online
Flight 1942 2016 Watch Online
Adam Blake, Alberto Barros Jr., David Campfield
Action, Science Fiction





No napping took place as the movie has a smooth pace and a tension filled, techy and problematic storyline that keeps you tuned in to see what happens next. That said, you will find this movie is low budget but the acting and activity are really good. I felt that if I had seen this on TV one night I would go nuts talking about it at work the next day.

Between the completely inaccurate representation of WWII, the overacting of a poor cast, and an awful plot line, I would think this was produced by a group of uneducated chimpanzees with a drug addiction problem. Would I recommend this movie? Maybe to someone I absolutely hate so they can suffer too.

On a journey that will change their lives forever, the passengers aboard Flight 42 are forced to fight in one of the greatest battles in history, World War Two



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