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Flirting in the Air 2014 Watch Online
Flirting in the Air 2014 Watch Online HD
ChapmanTo, ConnieMan, DadaChan





Airline pilots Cool, Sam and Guy were proud womanizers whom all took tremendous pleasure in making the rounds with every stewardess they came across. But one day during a seemingly routine flight, they encountered a violent magnetic storm that sent them falling through a wormhole. Upon landing, they assumed the storm had blown them off course onto a film set, but in reality, they had travelled back in time to Ming Dynasty, China.


Flight pilots Great, Sam and Man were proud womanizers for making the rounds whom all required tremendous enjoyment. But oneday throughout a relatively routine airfare, a crazy magnetic storm that delivered them slipping through a wormhole was experienced by them. Upon landing, they assumed the hurricane had lost them onto a film set off-course, however in fact, they’d gone back in time to Dynasty.



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