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For the Boys 1991 Watch Online
For the Boys 1991 Watch Online
Bette Midler, George Segal, James Caan
Drama, Music
20th Century Fox



With the help of the singer and dancer Dixie Leonhard US-Entertainer Eddie Sparks wants to bring some fun to the soldiers during World War II. Becoming a perfect team they tour from North Africa to the Pacific to act for "the boys". Later they continue their work but when the author Silver gets involved into McCarthy's campaign and is being fired by Eddie, Dixie turns away from him, too.


With all the help of ballerina and the vocalist Dixie US- Eddie Sparks really wants to convey some fun during World War II for the soldiers. Becoming an excellent team they trip from North Africa for the Pacific to act for “the children”. Later they continue their work but when the publisher Silver it is being shot by Eddie and gets involved into McCarthyis plan, Dixie turns from him.

A drama comprising three conflicts and qualified/mental skirmishes over two decades. Dixie (Midler) is to be given an honor for a profession invested enjoyable people soldiers, an honour she gives with her one time companion Eddie (Caan). There is a tv wedding planned, but in the last second, she will not shift from her property. There would be against Eddie a long- grudge to blame, and it’s up to a sweet talking facility minion to talk an explanation. Sign a flashback detailed with battle footage along with the unexpected melody… Rydell graphs the decline in National beliefs: good-natured troops of WWII supply approach to druggies in Vietnam, and quick-witted writer Artwork (Segal) enjoys popularity and bundle before falling victim to McCarthyism. The script of Marshall Brickman is full of one-liners that is extraordinary, but despite its hopes, this expressive Midler roadshow is hopelessly unrestrained.


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