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Ghosts of Mars 2001 Watch Online
Ghosts of Mars 2001 Watch Online
IceCube, JasonStatham, NatashaHenstridge
Action, Horror, ScienceFiction
Animationwerks, ScreenGems, StormKingProductions





Melanie Ballard (Natasha Henstridge) is a hard nosed police chief in the year 2025. She and a police snatch squad are sent to Mars to apprehend a dangerous criminal James Williams (Ice Cube). Mars has been occupied by humans for some time and they have set up mining facilities. The mining activities on Mars have unleashed the spirits of alien beings who gradually possess the bodies of the workers. It soon turns out that catching the dangerous fugitive takes a back seat as the alien spirits begin to rid their planet of the 'invaders'.


Ballard (Natasha Henstridge) is a hardnosed police key in the year 2025. She along with a police grab squad are sent to Mars to apprehend a hazardous legal David Williams (Ice Cube). Mars has not been unoccupied by humans for a while and they have set mining establishments up. The mining actions on Mars have exposed strange beings’ spirits who slowly contain the systems of the employees. It soon ends up that by getting the harmful fugitive, a backseat is taken because the tones that are strange start to clear their globe of the ‘intruders’.

Mars, 2176. Hot cop Ballard (Henstridge) is quizzed by superiors after returning to bottom, obviously the only survivor of the quest to recover dangerous legal ‘Desolation’ Williams (Ice-Cube) from a distant mining outpost. Flashbacks show Ballardis team arriving at the camping to discover a of slaughter, the colonists having been bought out with a mystical push that is old and become cannibal zombie psychopaths. Strong older spirits: Carpenter’s back catalogue’s spectres the flick itself. Lovers will have a field-day ticking the self-homages, you start with the time environment – exactly 200 years on Precinct 13 after his development Attack. It’s easy to affect the opening-ridden piece, the Blakeis 7 consequences, as well as the outdated racket that is Carpenter synth- score. But to go on it severely should be to skip the point: comical hardboiled discussion and the crazily intricate flashback construction are all the less unamusing to be enjoyed dead-on right.



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