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Gone Too Far 2014 Watch Online
Gone Too Far 2014 Watch Online
MalachiKirby, O.C.Ukeje, ShanikaWarren-Markland
BFIFilmFund, PoissonRougePictures





GONE TOO FAR follows two estranged teenage brothers over the course of a single day as they meet for the first time, and struggle to accept each other for who they are. Yemi can't wait for his big brother to join him on the estate in Peckham - but when Ikudayisi arrives from Nigeria wearing socks and sandals Yemi questions both his judgement and his African heritage. A day on the estate filled with danger and excitement teaches both of them the values of family and self respect.


GONE MUCH uses two alienated teenage friends on one day’s course because for who they’re, they satisfy for the first-time, and struggle to recognize each other. Yemi can’t await his bigbrother to hitch him to the estate in Peckham – nevertheless when Ikudayisi comes from Nigeria carrying socks and sandals Yemi queries equally his history and his reasoning. Per day on the property stuffed with hazard and enthusiasm teaches both of them household and self respect’s beliefs.

Low-key, lowbudget, superior-intelligence, that is precisely the type of movie Birmingham ought to be providing.



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