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Grabbers 2012 Watch Online
Grabbers 2012 Watch Online
RichardCoyle, RussellTovey, RuthBradley
Comedy, Horror, ScienceFiction, Thriller
ForwardFilms, IrishFilmBoard, SamsonFilms





Something sinister has come to the shores of Erin Island, unbeknownst to the quaint population of this sleepy fishing village resting somewhere off Ireland’s coast. First, some fishermen go missing. Then there is the rash of whale carcasses suddenly washing up on the beach. When the murders start, it’s up to two mismatched cops – an irresponsible alcoholic and his new partner, a by-the-book woman from the mainland – to protect the townsfolk from the giant, bloodsucking, tentacled aliens that prey upon them. Their only weapon, they discover, is booze. If they want to survive the creatures’ onslaught, everyone will have to get very, very drunk!


Something scary has come down Ireland’s shore somewhere to Area, unknowingly to the stylish populace of this sleepy fishing village resting’s shores. First, some anglers get missing. Then there’s of carcasses suddenly washing-up to the seaside the allergy. Once the murders begin, it’s up to two cops that are mismatched – an alcohol and his spouse -the- person from the – that is mainland to safeguard the townsfolk from the large, bloodsucking , tentacled aliens that feed upon them. Their tool, they discover, is alcohol. Everyone will have to get quite drunk, when they need to endure the creatures’ start!

A funny set on stage having a slick photography and FX that ought to be functioning good but that lacks a good experience to be made by the smart dialogues from it.

Simply tedious.



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