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HoneyBee 2016 Watch Online
HoneyBee 2016 Watch Online
Lorin Partalis, Nathan Ross Murphy, Pokey Spears





A quiet town is jumpstarted by the arrival of an enigmatic family; a statuesque mother named Louisa and her gorgeous teenage sons. Sixteen Year-Old Hilary is working hard to get good grades, hoping to escape the small town life a long line of relatives lived before her. With the arrival of the mysterious family just weeks before school is to let out, life suddenly becomes appealing. Hilary's father is instantly charmed by Louisa, while she herself finds a strong connection to middle son Kadin, ignoring her dubious instincts. As the town falls under the hypnotic spell of the young men, no one but Hilary sees the peculiar loyalty that holds them together and the lengths they will go to give their mother what she needs until it's far too late.





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