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Jamesy Boy 2014 Watch Online
Jamesy Boy 2014 Watch Online
JamesWoods, Mary-LouiseParker, SpencerLofranco
Crime, Drama, Romance





Based on the true story of teenager James Burns who goes from a suburban street gang to a maximum-security prison cell surrounded by hardened criminals. He turns his life around in prison thanks to the unexpected friendship he forms with a convicted murderer who becomes his mentor.


On the basis of the true account of teen Wayne Burns who moves from a suburban road bunch to your maximum -protection penitentiary cell enclosed by hard criminals. His lifestyle becomes around in prison because of the camaraderie that is sudden a convicted killer who becomes his tutor is formed with by him.

White’s determination to shackle his film to some redemptive arc eventually ends up making the story of Burns a quarrel for juvenile imprisonment.



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