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Madonna 2015 Watch Online
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Byun Yo-Han, Kim Young-min, Seo Young-hee





Hye-rim, a 35-year-old woman, finds a job at a hospital as a caregiver assigned to a quadriplegic VIP patient who practically owns the hospital. For the past 10 years, the VIP patient’s son Sang-woo has been desperately keeping him alive for money, ordering the doctors to perform several heart transplants despite recurrent heart failures. In need of another one, Sang-woo takes a brain dead unidentified woman as a donor and asks Hye-rim to look into her background. She discovers that the woman was once a prostitute known as ‘Madonna’ who has experienced a lifetime of abuse, and that she is pregnant. In an attempt to save Madonna’s unborn child, Hye-rim goes against Sang-woo’s orders and searches for the baby’s father.




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