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Murder My Sweet 1944 Watch Online
Murder My Sweet 1944 Watch Online
AnneShirley, ClaireTrevor, DickPowell
Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller





Detective Philip Marlowe is hired by hulking Moose Malloy to locate his old girlfriend that he lost track of while serving time in prison. With each lead he follows, Marlowe encounters lies, larceny, perjury, theft and a beautiful femme fatale. Based on Raymond Chandler's novel "Farewell My Lovely", which was also the film's title in the United Kingdom.


Investigator Philip Marlowe (Dick Powell) is employed by hulking Moose Malloy (Mike Mazurki) to find his aged partner he dropped track of while providing time in jail. With each lead he uses, Marlowe encounters lies, larceny, perjury, robbery plus a beautiful femme fatale (Claire Trevor). Based on Chandler is fresh “Goodbye My Beautiful”, that was also the film’s concept inside the Uk.

Good version of Chandler’s story (which had served as plot fodder for The Falcon Gets Control simply couple of years earlier), evocatively developing a seedy, sordid earth of moving loyalties and invisible evil as Marlowe goes into research of the young and absent Velma in the critical behest of Moose Malloy (Mazurki in good kind), a brutish ex-con ignorant that the gal he left out when he visited arrest has metamorphosed into the dangerously duplicitous Claire Trevor (another amazing efficiency). As the cast maximize of John Paxton’s outstanding discussion Powell is amazingly good as Marlowe, truly more faithful for the writer’s conception than Bogart was Inside The Big Sleep. And the chiaroscuro camerawork of Harry Wild is noir’s legitimate material. The video was infact formerly processed there as Goodbye, My Beautiful although introduced in the USA as Murder My Nice.



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