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Night Tide 1961 Watch Online
Night Tide 1961 Watch Online
DennisHopper, GavinMuir, LindaLawson





On leave in a shore side town, Johnny becomes interested in a young dark haired woman


On leave-in a coast aspect town, Johnny becomes enthusiastic about a new dark haired person

A sailor on leave and a woman who operates being a mermaid in aside present on the amusement pier in Florida meet. It grows into love-but there is a strangeness in her comportment. Her guardian tells the sailor that he had discovered her on the Traditional area and introduced her to the people and that she is really a mermaid. Additionally it advances that two males she’d been with were found drowned. The sailor is bewildered nevertheless when she practically eliminates him during skin-diving he manages to escape while she disappears.

While Lawson has the spectacular looks for the siren Hopper is acceptably puzzled by his plight.



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