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Paul 2011 Watch Online
Paul 2011 Watch Online
NickFrost, SethRogen, SimonPegg
Adventure, Comedy, ScienceFiction
BigTalkProductions, RelativityMedia, UniversalPictures





For the past 60 years, a space-traveling smart-ass named Paul has been locked up in a top-secret military base, advising world leaders about his kind. But when he worries he’s outlived his usefulness and the dissection table is drawing uncomfortably close, Paul escapes on the first RV that passes by his compound in Area 51. Fortunately, it contains the two earthlings who are most likely to rescue and harbor an alien on the run.


For the 60 years that are past, a space-traveling smart-ass called Paul has been secured in a high- key military base, advising leaders. However when he concerns he’s outlived the dissection desk and also his performance is currently drawing close that is uncomfortably, Scott escapes on the first RV that passes by his ingredient in Area 51. Thankfully, it harbor an alien away from home and includes both earthlings who are probably to relief.

Well, that’s one joke. Ninety more units to go.



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