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Peace Hotel 1995 Watch Online
Peace Hotel 1995 Watch Online
CeciliaYip, ChinHo, ChowYun-fat
Action, Foreign





Chow Yun-Fat plays "The King of Killers", a one-man killing machine, who has decided to retire after his wife's murder. He establishes a Peace Hotel, a sanctuary where anyone can stay and be protected from those who want to harm them. When a penniless female swindler (Cecilia Yip) arrives with a vicious gang up on her tail for murdering their boss, he has to decide whether to risk all-out war with the gang, or whether to break his pledge to never kick out anyone out of the hotel.


Yun -Fat plays ” Killers’ King “, a one-person killing equipment, who has made a decision to retire after his wife’s homicide. A retreat where anyone can keep and be shielded from people who need to damage them, an Contentment Inn is established by him. Each time a penniless feminine swindler (Cecilia Yip) happens using a horrible gang up on her trail for murdering their supervisor, he’s to choose whether to risk allout war using the bunch, or whether to interrupt his pledge never to kick out everyone out of the motel.




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