Phantasm Ravager 2016 Watch Online

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Phantasm Ravager 2016 Watch Online
Phantasm Ravager 2016 Watch Online HD
A. Michael Baldwin, Angus Scrimm, Dawn Cody, Reggie Bannister
Fantasy, Horror
Silver Sphere Corporation





Brothers Mike and Jody join family friend Reggie to battle the Tall Man and his evil minions from another dimension, for the final time.

The final installment of the long-running Phantasm series.

Elated and ready to be excited, sad ,happy and scared . None of this happened . I felt the slap to the face for Phans of the Phantasm movies .It was confusing ,without content and just downright “Lets get this done and out of the way” I can see why a few years ago Don Coscarelli said he was done with the Phantasm movies as it is NOT directed by him and it shows .



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