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Pride & Prejudice 2005 Watch Online
Pride & Prejudice 2005 Watch Online
Jena Malone, Keira Knightley, Rosamund Pike, Talulah Riley
Drama, Romance
Universal Pictures





Pride and Prejudice is a humorous story of love and life among English gentility during the Georgian era. Mr. Bennet is an english gentleman living in Hartfordshire with his overbearing wife and 5 daughters. If Mr. Bennet dies their house will be inherited by a distant cousin whom they have never met, so the family's future happiness and security is dependant on the daughters making good marriages.

Prejudice and pleasure is really a comical story of love among gentility throughout the Georgian era. Mr Bennet is definitely an english man living together with 5 children and his wife in Hartfordshire. If their house is died by Mr Bennet will be inherited by a remote relative whom they have never satisfied, therefore the family’s potential contentment and safety is dependant on the kids building excellent unions.



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