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Primer 2004 Watch Online
Primer 2004 Watch Online HD
CaseyGooden, DavidSullivan, ShaneCarruth
Drama, ScienceFiction, Thriller





Friends/fledgling entrepreneurs invent a device in their garage that reduces the apparent mass of any object placed inside it, but they accidentally discover that it has some highly unexpected capabilities -- ones that could enable them to do and to have seemingly anything they want. Taking advantage of this unique opportunity is the first challenge they face. Dealing with the consequences is the next.


Buddies/ new entrepreneurs create a device inside their garage that reduces any target located inside its clear size, however they accidentally discover that it has some remarkably unforeseen capabilities–types which could permit them to have apparently anything they want also to-do. Using this prospect that is original could be the first challenge they encounter. Working with the implications could be the next.

Mind-bending thrillers like Primer are fantastic viewing together with your teenagers. Probably if youare pleasant, they will clarify the ending to you.



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