Requiem for a Dream 2000 Watch Online

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Requiem for a Dream 2000 Watch Online
Requiem for a Dream 2000 Watch Online
Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly
Artisan Entertainment





The hopes and dreams of four ambitious people are shattered when their drug addictions begin spiraling out of control. A look into addiction and how it overcomes the mind and body.


The expectations and aspirations of four ambitious individuals are destroyed when their substance habits begin spiraling uncontrollable. A look the way it overcomes the mind and physique and into craving.

Shattering expose of the fallible human situation.

What things to claim about Aronofsky ‘s Requiem to get a Aspiration that hasnot been claimed already? Undoubtedly it’s a movie, that in spite of its high sitting on the movie websites that are principle, polarises opinions. It is a movie that basically practices four people through their addictions before shattering denouement, but the trip is manufactured more dreary by giving tantalising snatches of desire, the aspirations of the protags supplied up as some kind of goals for the lovers to embrace to – limited to the narrative to stick in its rustic serrated blade to draw the center from your hapless hopefuls.

Arononfsky delivers a variety of technical abilities for the occasion that highlight the mental discord on exhibit. Normal split-assessment is married up with extended tracking, remote framing, close-UPS, fast cutting and Snorricam, that is audio monitored by Clint Mansell’s haunting musical structure. All told it’s an assault on terrifying and every one of the senses with it, raised no-end by Aronofsky getting top shows from his throw of actors. Enjoy it or hate it, it’s really a picture that merely can’t be ignored, unsparing cinema created by a most skilled manager. 9/10



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