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Robert the Doll 2015 Watch Online
Robert the Doll 2015 Watch Online
Flynn Allen, Lee Bane, Megan Lockhurst



In this chilling story based on real life events a family experience terrifying supernatural occurrences when their son acquires a vintage doll called Robert.


In this cooling story based on true to life functions horrifying supernatural incidents are experienced by a family group when their child acquires a doll called Robert.

I love great haunted toy films, going back completely to the Twilight Zone event. Without performing my homework tHEREFORE, once I see a fresh horror-movie within this subgenre, I also usually dive in. MAJOR error below with this specific b movie.

It really is boring, not at all exciting, frightening, humorous, or… anything. It is just a boring, banal account of the dysfunctional family that somehow features a dummy tossed in. Goofy camera perspectives, dull audio, and function-of-the-routine dialogue and performing (although lead actor has received the right routines in other shows – dont get suckered in here). I cannot get across powerfully enough how boring this matter is.

Comprehensive waste of time and money.
Based on a real which means this is not just like CHUCKY that was according to ROBERT before it was made.

By even mentioning the plan, I’m not planning to offend you… the son enjoys the toy, mom is on medications and dad uncertainties equally mom along with the boy who equally may be mentally unstable.

John lacks Chucky’s personality. Suzie Garton isn’t Catherine Hicks possibly. The noise is uneven in the beginning, something which they later mounted. The first kitchen picture has the shadow of the microphone about the cabinet that is wooden…yes I found it Andrew Smith in the event you didn’t or cared. And what was with the National flag-flying within the neighbors location outside of the screen? Where was this recorded anyway? I-donot think the interior of your home was exactly the same residence we observed from your external. Not it’s a negative issue, only once it is obvious.

Outside of that, JOHN is another in a critical of reports where puppets or dolls overcome people 3-4 times their dimension. This one is not a poor movie, for those who haven’t noticed one of these simple before. Sadly I-don’t understand everyone who meets that explanation on 5’s era. A real story is of Robert Otto on Myspace. Behaving has been better too.

Comfortable 3 stars.

Information: f bomb. No sex . No toys were harmed in the makingof this video.
Easily wished to visit a quite poorly acted, poorly led video I await it to become free on prime or would go to YouTube. I created an error wasting my money on this film that was indie. Please don’t hire it, keep away from it!
Was alright however not what I was longing for in a horror movie


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