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Room 237 2012 Watch Online
Room 237 2012 Watch Online
BillBlakemore, GeoffreyCocks, JuliKearns
HighlandParkClassics, IFCMidnight





A subjective documentary that explores various theories about hidden meanings in Stanley Kubrick's classic film The Shining. Five very different points of view are illuminated through voice over, film clips, animation and dramatic reenactments.


A documentary that examines the many ideas about the invisible connotations within Kubrickis movie The Shining. The film may be more than 30 years old nevertheless it remains to inspire speculation debate, and mystery. Five different points of watch are lit through cartoon, movie videos, voice over and reenactments. Together they will draw the audience into one with endless detours a new maze and dead-ends, several ways in, but no way out.

A documentary that is intruiging. If you’ve liked and watched The many that are Shining, many times, you will be still shown items you never observed before by this document.

The assumption is that different theories In Regards To The Shining are examined. These start with an idea brought about by just one opportunity, but most fall apart since demonstrate and the author attempts to develop their idea. In the end, a lot of the theorists uncover themselves to become hilariously dropped while in the movie.

Stanley Kubrick always explained that he needed the picture to have an unsettling affect around the audience. This documentary demonstrates he succeeded. Ultimately Space 237 is a piece that it is a loving evaluation of his best shows of 1 and remembers Kubrick’s directorial elegance.



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