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So Undercover 2012 Watch Online
So Undercover 2012 Watch Online
EloiseMumford, JoshuaBowman, MileyCyrus
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When the FBI hires her to go undercover at a college sorority, Molly Morris (Miley Cyrus) must transform herself from a tough, streetwise private investigator to a refined, sophisticated university girl to help protect the daughter of a one-time Mobster. With several suspects on her list, Molly unexpectedly discovers that not everyone is who they appear to be, including herself.


If the FBI employs her to-go undercover at a faculty sorority, Molly Morris (Miley Cyrus) should change himself from the difficult, streetwise private investigator into a sophisticated, sophisticated university lady to help guard the daughter of a one-time Mobster. With many suspects on her behalf checklist, Molly suddenly finds that not everyone is who they be seemingly, including herself.

Cyrus seems to be enjoying with dress up when she dons the rider equipment that’s allegedly her second skin. Not-especially-high high jinks ensue.



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