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Sordid Lives 2001 Watch Online
Sordid Lives 2001 Watch Online
Kirk Geiger, Olivia Newton-John, Sarah Hunley
Daly-Harris Productions, Davis Entertainment Classics, Sordid Lives LLC



"Sordid Lives" is about a family in a small Texas town preparing for the funeral of the mother. Among the characters are the grandson trying to find his identity in West Hollywood, the son who has spent the past twenty-three years dressed as Tammy Wynette, the sister and her best friend (who live in delightfully kitschy homes), and the two daughters (one strait-laced and one quite a bit looser).


” Sordid Lives ” is about a family in a tiny Texas town preparing for the mother’s funeral. On the list of figures would be the grandson looking for his personality in West Hollywood, the daughter who has invested the past twenty three years fitted as Tammy Wynette, the brother and her closest friend (who livein wonderfully kitschy properties), and also the two children (one strait-laced and one a lot looser).

Like a clumsily acted play, while the movie at-times feels, a surprising switch by Burke bears the toss from the doldrums of an often-stretched plot-line.


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