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Station to Station 2015 Watch Online
Station to Station 2015 Watch Online





Sending a burning arrow into the stunting effects that the compartmentalization of culture has on how creativity manifests, visual artist Doug Aitken embarked on an experiment exploring a less materialistic and more nomadic direction of art creation, exhibition, and participation. Station to Station involved a train that crossed North America housing a constantly changing creative community including artists, musicians, and curators, who collaborated in the creation of recordings, artworks, films, and 10 unique happenings, across the country.


Transmitting a arrow into the stunting outcomes that how creativity has been on by the compartmentalization of culture shows, visual performer Doug Aitken launched on a research exploring a much more nomadic and materialistic way of exhibit art design, and involvement. Station to Place required atrain that entered The United States property a regularly changing imaginative community including designers and curators, who collaborated inside the generation of 10 distinctive happenings, artworks, videos, and tracks, around the world.



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