Storm Surfers 3D 2012 Watch Online

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Storm Surfers 3D 2012 Watch Online
Storm Surfers 3D 2012 Watch Online
Ben Matson, Ross Clark-Jones, Tom Carroll
Adventure, Documentary
Firelight Productions





This pulse-racing real-life adventure follows two of Australia's greatest surf legends on their quest to hunt down and ride the Pacific's biggest and most dangerous waves. With 3D cameras installed on their boards, Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll defy middle age by pushing the limits of what they — and cinema technology — can do. (TIFF)


This beat-sporting real-life experience uses two of the best surf figures in Australia on their journey drive most dangerous waves and the Pacific’s largest and to search for. With 3D cameras mounted on their boards, Ross -Smith and Tom Carroll escape middleage by pressing the limitations of what they — and theatre engineering — can do. (TIFF)

Theaters exhibiting Tornado People 3D need to create a splash region. This exuberant documentary regarding big- Ross Clarke and trend stalkers Jeff Carroll – Jones’ perennially stoked workforce takes audiences right into the beast’s barrel.



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