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Taken 2008 Watch Online
Taken 2008 Watch Online
FamkeJanssen, LiamNeeson, MaggieGrace
Action, Crime, Thriller
Canal+, M6Films, TwentiethCenturyFoxFilmCorporation





While vacationing with a friend in Paris, an American girl is kidnapped by a gang of human traffickers intent on selling her into forced prostitution. Working against the clock, her ex-spy father must pull out all the stops to save her. But with his best years possibly behind him, the job may be more than he can handle.


An American gal is kidnapped by a gang of individual traffickers purpose on-selling her, although touring having a friend in Rome. Performing contrary to the time, her ex- papa must pull out all-the stops to save lots of her. But along with his decades that are greatest possibly behind him, the task may not be less than they can manage.

One among my films that are best of all time. Besides they built a second one, this a terrific flick! From being marketed to the best bidder Liam Neeson trying to save this daughter, in Portugal. An action-packed movie with excellent fight scenes and excellent acting.



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