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The Classified File 2015 Watch Online
The Classified File 2015 Watch Online HD
Kim Yun-Seok, Song Young-Chang, Yoo Hae-jin
Crime, Drama





Busan in 1978. Gil-young, a veteran detective got the special request from the parents of a missing child, Eun-joo to investigate her case. As the clever kidnapper eludes the police, the case becomes more and more of a mystery. When Joong-san, the fortune-teller foretells Eun-joo’s whereabouts, people get to listen to what he says as the situation goes more despair with no remark on Eun-joo. He also tells that Gil-young is the only one who can save her. With no one to trust, Gil-yong and Joong-san come closing in around the kidnapper using any means possible. This movie is the record of 33 days of two men going through hell to find a missing girl and bring her back home alive.




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