The Curse of the Werewolf 1961 Watch Online

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The Curse of the Werewolf 1961 Watch Online
The Curse of the Werewolf 1961 Watch Online
CatherineFeller, CliffordEvans, OliverReed





Throughout his upbringing unnatural phenomena surrounded Leon. He is plagued with a terrible curse over which he exercises no control. During the full moon he changes into a ferocious beast initiating an orgy of indiscriminate killing. His love for Christina enables Leon to suppress his lycanthropic feelings until the engagement is broken off which precipitates a tragic conclusion.


Throughout his upbringing unpleasant phenomena enclosed Leon. He’s plagued with a terrible problem over which he exercises no control. Right into a ferocious animal starting an orgy of indiscriminate killing he changes throughout the moon that is full. His love for Christina permits before diamond is broken off which precipitates a sad finish Leon to restrain his lycanthropic emotions.

The life and moments of the lycanthrope down in sunny but scary Spain, building the narrative from the mutant’s understanding (when a beggar rapes a deafmute slave girl), through his early decades when he triggers cathedral fonts to bubble, to his final demise in the arms of the lynch mob incensed by his killings. Intercourse, normally, could be the switch that sets Reed off on his homicidal binges. More ambitious and complicated than most Hammer shows in its exploration of the other causes that principle the life of the beast (though nonetheless a simplification of Man Endore’s wonderful origin novel, The Werewolf of Rome), but terribly with a lack of extraordinary stress.



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