The King Is Dead! 2012 Watch Online

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The King Is Dead! 2012 Watch Online
The King Is Dead! 2012 Watch Online
Lily Adey, Michaela Cantwell, Roman Vaculik
Comedy, Drama, Thriller





This film is about a lot more than just the neighbours. In fact it subtly and silently relies on that long running soap as a platform to explore a side of Australia that isn't cheesy at all. Where do all the schizoid, emotionally disabled ,morally destitute, drug addled violent detritus of the lucky country live and what can you do about it? Can you bear it to imagine being anywhere near them and how easy some homicidal programme based on eugenic principles might appeal to progressive middle class gentrifiers faced with horrific disturbance imposed on peace and quiet, let alone petty crime, helplessness and vicious anti social behavior are some of the questions carefully presented.

The two tiered society and correlation between disadvantage and opportunity or lack of it and sanity will keep you thinking for a while if you pay attention. You get a little humor true but darkness is not at the edge of town it really is right there in front of you, it's not the Hells Angels but just the idea of the 1% ers being many more than that number and too stupid to leave everybody else out of it. And we all know about the houses with the broken windows long grass, tatts, rape, glassing, all night parties and rivers of beer between visits to that core institution Centrelink.

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