The Medallion 2003 Watch Online

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The Medallion 2003 Watch Online
The Medallion 2003 Watch Online
Claire Forlani, Jackie Chan, Lee Evans
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller
Emperor Multimedia Group (EMG), Golden Port Productions Ltd., Living Films





A Hong Kong detective suffers a fatal accident involving a mysterious medallion and is transformed into an immortal warrior with superhuman powers.


A Hongkong investigator suffers a fatal incident concerning a medallion that is mysterious and is altered into an immortal knight with superhuman capabilities.

Today Jackie Chan has of maintaining his shows refreshing two ways. Often he fixes on the city that is dangerous being a unique area, or screen rewards are shared by him having a witty sidekick. Below Jackie is just a Hong Kong cop looking one particular enchanting ‘wonderful child’ sorts to, await it, Dublin, where he is teamed with Interpolis doughty Arthur Watson, more common to you and me as, you thought it, Lee Evans. Whilst a supporter, I’ve to say it is stuff that is determined. Jackie has one not bad chase series through stoned roads, but Gordon Chan ‘s way is really stilted it seems like a parody of those tacky’ 70s kung fu quickies. Evans’ schtick is beyond unfunny Forlani is saddled with all the disinterest. Worse through the film Jackie is resurrected from a watery grave with exclusive powers. The special effects aren’t undesirable, but these work table for the lure, which will be fundamentally acrobatic, gymnastic in the celebrity. A raft of writers (including HK movie expert Logan) take credit for a script which rarely starts to produce sense – however presumably that incoherence might connected towards the 27 moments Columbia and the discharge printing cut apart. Not that you just could want to buy any longer. Also the finish-credit outtakes suck.



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