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The One 2001 Watch Online
The One 2001 Watch Online
CarlaGugino, JasonStatham, JetLi
Action, ScienceFiction, Thriller
ColumbiaPictures, RevolutionStudios





A sheriff's deputy fights an alternate universe version of himself who grows stronger with each alternate self he kills.


A sheriff’s deputy battles with another world edition of himself who grows stronger with each alternate home he kills.

The Matrix’s international accomplishment opened there is a portal for numerous lower-budget imitators – that purpose activity doubles -fantasy one. It rotates shakily around the opinion of the ‘multiverse’, where everybody comes with an alter-ego in realms that are other. Edgy detective Gabriel Yulaw (Li) has illegally trawled 123 sizes, murdering his other personae and absorbing their durability. Today a final opposition – generously, unsuspecting LA Sheriff Gabe (Li again) – stands in the way of his getting ‘The One’. the movieis draw, along with jetis strength, is physical phrase: heis most charming when he’s kicking at ass. Within the edgy series between Gabe and Yulaw, Jet employs two martial-art strategies, offering the only real effective contrast between his figures that are double. A complete-throttle nu-metal soundtrack and a sequel’s likelihood goal an adolescent male market. Having its camping good-humour, it really is daft, although permanently unoriginal.



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