The Remaining 2014 Watch Online

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The Remaining 2014 Watch Online
The Remaining 2014 Watch Online
Alexa PenaVega, Johnny Pacar, Shaun Sipos
Horror, Thriller
Affirm Films, Cinematic, Sunrise Pictures





It’s the day the Earth exploded as trumpets blow and the wrath of God unleashes the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The first of a series of religious-slanted horror movies aimed at devout audiences, THE REMAINING is a surprisingly effective disaster shocker based on the Book of Revelations, produced by the makers of DONNIE DARKO and URBAN LEGEND. When a group of close-knit friends assemble for the marriage of Skylar and Dan, they have no idea they will witness The Rapture and face a series of catastrophic events turning the celebration into a life-or-death struggle. Scrambling for sanctuary and self-preservation while an army of nocturnal creatures they never knew existed unleashes epic destruction, they must understand what is happening around them, and why, to find a way to survive together in a new world order. Witness the birth of a new genre: horror containing spiritually rich content with faith-based appeal.


It’s the day the Earth increased as the wrath of God and also trumpets blow unleashes the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The very first of a group of religious-slanted horror videos aimed toward viewers that were serious, THE RESIDUAL is a surprisingly efficient disaster shocker on the basis of the Book of Details, produced by DONNIE DARKO and ELEGANT LEGEND’S creators. Whenever a group of close-knit buddies construct for your relationship of Skylar and Dan, they have no idea they’ll observe The Rapture and experience some devastating events rotating the bash in to a life -or- death challenge. Striving for self-preservation and haven while an army existed unleashes unbelievable deterioration, they need to determine exactly why, and what is happening them around, to discover a solution to survive in an order that is new. Witness a new genre’s birth: terror containing mentally abundant pleased with belief-centered attractiveness.

A theologically dubious but fitfully thrilling melodrama about dread and loathing among the low-Raptured.



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