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Truman 2015 Watch Online
Truman 2015 Watch Online HD
Dolores Fonzi, Javier Cámara, Ricardo Darín
Comedy, Drama
BD Cine, Impossible Films





When Julián receives an unexpected visit in Madrid from his lifelong friend Tomás, who now lives in Canada, the encounter is bittersweet. This reunion, their first meeting in many years, may also be their last. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Julián is focused on putting his affairs in order, while Tomás is still grasping at hope. For four intense days, the two men, accompanied by Julián's faithful dog, Truman, tour the city sharing emotional, hilarious and surprising moments. Full of laughter and sadness, and led by brilliant performances by Ricardo Darin and Javier Cámara, Truman is a wonderfully touching film on how we say goodbye.


Two friends, Juli??d and Tom??s, carry on an emotional trip together accompanied by Juli??n's faithful pet, Truman.



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