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Wong Ka Yan 2015 Watch Online
Wong Ka Yan 2015 Watch Online HD
Karena Ng, Tyson Chak, Wong Yau-Nam
Drama, Romance
Pegasus Motion Pictures





In 1992, on a small island in Hong Kong, a boy fell for Yan crazily searched for her by dozens of unbelievable means. Although every 'Yan' he met turned out to be someone else, they did bring life-changing influences to each other. 22 years later, when the story is finally unveiled, middle-aged Yan is deeply moved.


In 1992, on a tiny area in Hong Kong, a son dropped for Yan crazily searched on her by dozens of amazing means. Even though every'Yan'he achieved turned out to be another person, they did carry life-changing impacts to each other. 22 decades later, once the story is eventually unveiled, middle-aged Yan is profoundly moved.



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