Amy Rider

Amy Rider is a rich Norteam actress who began his career in 2005 with a participation in the series "Head Cases". He won recognition for playing Kelly that same year in the hit series "24", and from then on, although short, has developed an interesting career. He guest-starred on shows such as "without a trace", "Veronica Mars", "Campus Ladies", "Frank TV" and "Big Shots", and is also known for the role of Alice Valko in the series "The Secret Life of the American Teenager", in which can see it since 2008. Others of its cr credits include participations in movies as "The Hitman Chronicles", the "Universal Remote" comedies and "The List", participated in the short film "Pluzman", directed by Alex Hart and Daniel Strange, and also worked in the selection "After Midnight: Life Behind Bars" and "Katrina", and in the film to video "Scooter: Excess All Areas". His latest works include tapes "Privileged", "Kill Speed" and "Fast Glass", which will premiere in 2010.

Movies With Amy Rider Cast

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