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Adult Camp 2015 Watch Online

Adult Camp is a comedy about the bumpy road to personal growth. A group of men and women, strangers to each other, choose to spend a different kind of summer holiday week by traveling to the beautiful Turku archipelago to participate in an inviting, upgraded version of an adult camp. When they discover that the galloping horses from the camp's sales video are just symbols of a free mind, and the guru of the camp takes off to witness his dog in labour, the participants are forced to examine themselves and each other to find the necessary elements for growth. Perhaps the camp doesn't fulfill its promise of the "most wonderful week of your life", but one thing's for sure - no one returns home the same.


Adult Camping is just a humor in regards to the bumpy road to particular advancement. Visitors to each other, several women and men, decide to invest an alternative sort of summer getaway week by traveling to the stunning Turku archipelago to take part in a, upgraded edition of a grownup camping. When they realize that the galloping horses from your camp’s sales movie are simply designs of the free intellect, and the expert of the camp takes off to watch his dog in time, the players are compelled to look at themselves and eachother to obtain the vital aspects for development. Probably the camp does not accomplish its offer of the ” wonderful week of the living”, but one thingis for sure – no-one returns home the same.


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