At the Earth’s Core 1976 Watch Online

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At the Earth’s Core 1976 Watch Online
At the Earth’s Core 1976 Watch Online
Caroline Munro, Doug McClure, Peter Cushing
Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
American International Pictures (AIP), Amicus Productions, Burroughs Productions Inc.



A huge burrowing machine tunnels out of control at ferocious speed, cutting clean through to the center of the earth, to the twilight world of pellucidar. Once there, Dr. Perry (Peter Cushing) and David Innes (Doug McClure), are threatened by half human creatures, lizard-like birds, and man-eating plants.


A huge burrowing unit channels uncontrollable at ferocious pace, lowering clean to the middle of the earth, to the world of pellucidar. After there, Dr. Perry (Peter Cushing) and David Innes (Doug McClure), are confronted by half-human pets, jesus-like birds, and man eating plants.

Although 1974is The Territory That Point Forgot found prehistory living at the North Rod, here Messrs Cushing and McClure work astray while testing their physical mole and find out the misplaced world of Pellucidar by the end of the quest for the centre of our planet defined in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ source book. Scantily dressed Munro, pterodactyls that are vengeful and cut-price explosions comprise a blend that is familiar, however itis silly enough to enjoy if you’re in a schoolboy temper. The dinosaurs seem exclusively conceived so fellows in suits can play them, inspiring the type of joy today dropped permanently to these days of tediously expensive CGI effects.


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