Awake In The Woods 2015 Watch Online

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Awake In The Woods 2015 Watch Online
Awake In The Woods 2015 Watch Online
Keith Collins, Nicholas Boise, Theresa Galeani
Horror, Thriller
Beach Point Productions, MM Mayhem Films



The Woods in Marion N.Y. have a past. Hunters report unusual activity, hikers describe chilling experiences , parents warn their children to avoid the woods, and the lucky few who survive the woods alone have all gone insane. When a young girl does not heed her parents warning, she goes missing in the woods. Three friends decide to document their search for the truth. What they witness can't be explained. In the end only one is left wandering Awake In The Woods!


The Woodlands in have a past. Predators document task that is strange, chilling encounters are described by walkers, parents alert their kids to prevent the woods, along with alone all have gone nuts. She moves lost within the woodlands each time a young woman doesn’t heed her parents caution. Three friends decide to record their seek out the truth. What they experience cannot be discussed. Ultimately only one is quit roaming Awake In The Woods!


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