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Cowboys & Aliens 2011 Watch Online
Cowboys & Aliens 2011 Watch Online
Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde
Action, Science Fiction, Thriller, Western
DreamWorks SKG, Imagine Entertainment, Universal Pictures



A stranger stumbles into the desert town of Absolution with no memory of his past and a futuristic shackle around his wrist. With the help of mysterious beauty Ella and the iron-fisted Colonel Dolarhyde, he finds himself leading an unlikely posse of cowboys, outlaws, and Apache warriors against a common enemy from beyond this world in an epic showdown for survival.

1875. New Mexico Territory. A stranger (Craig) with no memory of his past stumbles into the hard desert town of Absolution. What he discovers is that the people of Absolution don't welcome strangers, and nobody makes a move on its streets unless ordered to do so by the iron-fisted Colonel Dolarhyde (Ford). It's a town that lives in fear. But Absolution is about to experience fear it can scarcely comprehend as the desolate city is attacked by marauders from the sky. Now, the stranger they rejected is their only hope for salvation. As this gunslinger slowly starts to remember who he is and where he's been, he realizes he holds a secret that could give the town a fighting chance against the alien force. -- (C) Official Site

A stranger stumbles without any recollection of his past plus a futuristic shackle around his hand to the leave town of Absolution. With all the help of the iron and also inexplicable elegance Ella – Colonel Dolarhyde, he sees himself leading an unlikely posse of Apache warriors, and cowboys, outlaws beyond this world within an impressive series for survival from against a common adversary.

Poetry’s little moments… Are lost amid fury and too much electronic noise.


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